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So I missed the 6:30 but to D.C and had to wait until 12:00

because earlier ones are all sold out.

I arrived at the hotel around 5pm.

There were still a lot of people around the convention hall.

I quickly scanned the tables there including hot rising star publishing company from UK

– Nobrow.

People must have already bought the most coveted books but there are some treasures left for me.

I like the atmosphere there a lot. It felt like a small town of comic artists and illustrators.

Very welcoming and friendly.

The following day was mind-blowing. I found myself shaking by Daniel Clowes to get an

autograph of him. I brought the Korean edition of ‘ICE HAVEN’ and he said it’s his favorite edition.

But then I made a terrible mistake to take Alvin buenaventura for Charles Burns. I don’t know exactly

how that happened.

I’ve only read their books but have never checked what they look like before..

Alvin was asking me about the Korean comics and bookstores to get them in Korea and I wrote

a little note for him and I wrote down ‘DEAR CHARLES BURNS’.

I found out he’s not Charles Burns but Alvin way too late.  Oy.

Other than that it was truly awesome experience for me.

Especially, Chris ware’s talk was invaluable.

He was giving a talk on his new work ‘Building Stories’.

He talked about his influences from Avant-garde and Newspapers and

magazines from early 20th Century , about architectural compositions,

his working process and about his thoughts on the potentials of webcomics(or ebooks).

‘Book’, which is a tangible medium, seemed really important format to him.

He said he prefers books which demands some kind of efforts from the readers.

“What great books do is to shift something within yourself”




I was overwhelmed and barely breathing among giants in Cartoon world.



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